This is a series of lectures that will be given by three or four lecturers from the involved departments. Each of the lecturers will introduce one topic (over 3-4 weeks) relevant for all participating students. Possible topics are: Quantum cryptography, particle trapping, algorithmic complexity, or mathematical optimization.

Limits of classical physics and signatures of quantum mechanical phenomena.

Quantum effects of light: Planck's Radiation law, photons, photoelectric effect, Compton effect, Young’s double slit experiment, entanglement, quantum eraser. Wave properties of particles: Matter waves and wave functions, Schrödinger equation, interference and tunnelling, time evolution. Spin 1⁄2 particles: Stern-Gerlach experiment, directional quantization, superposition, measurement, eigenvalues and eigenstates, expectation value, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. Quantum structure of atoms: Absorption and emission spectra, Franck- Hertz experiment. angular momentum, atomic structure: hydrogen atom, Zeeman effect, fine structure, hyperfine structure, electron spin resonance, emission and absorption of electromagnetic radiation, selection rules, multi-electron systems, shell model, periodic table. Quantum states of light: Coherent states, Fock states, generation of non-classical light, laser theory, experimental tests of Bell inequalities.

Where: University of Siegen, EN Campus, Lecture: Room EN D-114, Exercises: Room EN D-120 
When: Winter Term 2023, Lecture: Tu. and We. 8:00 - 10:00, Exercises: Th. 8:00 - 10:00     
Lecturer: Christian Gutt
Assistants: Lukas Strauch
Literature: Solid-State Physics (N. Aschcroft and D. Mermin), Introduction to Solid-State Physics (C. Kittel) 
Topics: Introduction to Solid-State Physics 
Contents: theoretical foundations, crystal structure and reciprocal lattice, crystal binding and elasticity, phonons, Fermi gas, energy bands, semiconductors and metals, magnetism, plasmons and polaritons, dielectrics, optical properties

Blended Mobility is a project course unit where an international multidisciplinary team of students develop a solution during a semester for a challenge proposed by a company.

Blended Mobility 2022/2023 Edition in Orléans, France

Where: University of Siegen, EN Campus, Lecture: Room EN D-120, Exercises: Room EN D-120 
When: Winter Term 2022, Lecture: Tu. 16:00 - 18:00, Exercises: Th. 12:00 - 14:00     
Lecturer: Mario Agio
Assistants: Amr Farrag
Literature: Principles of Nano-Optics (L. Novotny and B. Hecht), Molecular Scattering and Fluorescence in Strongly-Confined Optical Fields (M. Agio) 
Topics: Introduction to Nano-Optics 
Contents: theoretical foundations, propagation and focusing of optical fields, resolution and localisation, nano-scale optical microscopy, optical interactions and quantum emitters, photonic crystals, surface plasmon polaritons, optical antennas, optical forces

Seminar with student talks about new topics in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. Discussion. 15 pages written summary. Lecture from the elective module catalogue or Nanotechnology or Quantum theory.

Semester: ohne Semesterzugehörigkeit