Overview of radar including physical principles, system components, the processing chain and typical applications. Detection and the radar equation including statistical detection theory and CFAR. Propagation, scattering and clutter including attenuation, radar cross section, target fluctuations and ground clutter for airborne radar. FMCW radars including the Doppler effect, pulse compression, ambiguities and OTHR radar systems. Matched filters for radar including examples and relation to detection theory. Pulsed radars including spectrum, ambiguities and ghosting and pulse Doppler radar. Radar waveforms and ambiguity functions and their role in system design. Antennas and phased arrays including beam-forming, direction of arrival estimation, adaptive arrays and STAP. Imaging and classification including SAR, ISAR and high range resolution radar.

Lecturer Prof. Douglas Gray, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Adelaide