In this project (A/B/C) we deal with the emerging field of more-than-human design (MtHD) in HCI. This direction in HCI questions the central role of the human species and puts the focus on relations between all entities, including the non-human, for example entities of nature or technological entities. MtHD signals a paradigm shift for the well-established fields of human-centered design.

In our project, we will address a more-than-human design perspective in the context of sustainability. First of all, we will test several tools and methods of the emerging field (e.g., mapping networks, techno-mimesis). Following, by making use of design fiction and world-building, we will design artifacts of a more-than-human world. What kind of future artifacts allow for empathy between species? How to integrate entities of nature into decision-making processes? Could we design technology to form relationships of responsibility to non-human entities?

After providing a comprehensive thematic introduction that covers various theoretical approaches and numerous examples, the focus will shift toward joint project work. Participants in the seminar will have the opportunity to engage in individual projects or collaborate in group work, depending on their preferences and interests.