The seminar will start with the imparting of theoretical foundations on key concepts such as crisis/disaster/catastrophe, vulnerability/resilience, continuity/change and digitalisation from the perspectives of crisis informatics, sociology and CSCW. We are going to discuss continuity (“normality”) and change against the backdrop of extreme events and disruptions, mainly the ongoing corona pandemic, but also others like the fallout of power, IT, traffic or other critical infrastructures. For the second part, we’ll try to realise small empirical studies within the seminar, adapted to the respective situation: small (online) interview studies, (social) media or discourse analysis etc.. Along with the digital penetration of everyday practices (communication or payment, operating procedures in companies etc.) goes also the increasing dependency on reliable power and IT-infrastructure. For their empirical studies and presentations, students may select examples from their own everyday life or attend to transformation processes in SME (small and medium enterprises). Depending on the module and needs for credit points, the attending students will have to give a presentation and write a seminar paper.

The course will be digital (online presence) as it is especially addressing foreign students who might not be able to participate in person.